Membership in Networks

1. Partner with NAVTTC (Govt. of Pakistan) in Sindh & Baluchistan.
2. Partner institutes with BBSYDP in Sindh.
3. Membership with Skill Development Council, Islamabad.
4. Partner-Organization with National Humanitarian Network (NHN), Pakistan.
5. Partner-Organization with ACTED-Pakistan in Southern & north Region of Sindh Province.
6. Partner-Organization with Strengthen Participatory Organization (SPO), Pakistan.
7. Membership with District Coordination Council (DCC).
8. Membership with District Health, Population Management Team (DHPMT).
9. Membership in advisory board of Midwifery School MNCH Jacobabad.
10. Membership with Aurat Foundation.
11. Membership with Medical Alliance of Medicine Aid (MAMA).
12. Membership with Greenacre International.
13. Membership with DRR forum of HANDS/MI Jacobabad.
14. Membership with DRR Forum of HelpAge/SRSO.
15. Membership with NDMA.
16. Membership with PDMA Sindh & Baluchistan Provinces.
17. Membership with Awal Taleem Itehad Sindh by CSSP.
18. Membership with Reform Support Unit Government of Sindh.
19. Membership with Girls Not Bride.
20. Membership with UNICEF.
21. Membership with UNHCR.


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